3/21/18 - Torax Downtime:
In 30 minutes at 10:45am the Torax server will be going down for up to 1 hour for maintenance to fix the recent lag issues.

3/16/18 - Boss Loot Changes & PP Sale:
We have made a few minor changes to Server Boss loot, including:
-Replaced Astral Totems with Profound Wards on Blackhand.
-Added Cube and Scroll of Sorcery to Blackhand.
-Moved Proof of Purity from Blackhand to Juggernaut.
-Moved Carnival Tickets and Scally Maps from Juggernaut to Maekrix.
-Moved Astral Shards from Juggernaut to Death.
-Replaced Stoneraven Crates with 2 more Bacaba Crates on Cosmos.

From now until Monday at noon there will be a 20% off treasury Preferred Player sale!

3/15/18 - Maintenance:
There will be server maintenance happening on March 16th at 2AM game time. Estimated downtime of an hour.

3/12/18 - Outwar & Google Chrome browser:
If you use Google Chrome and are noticing problems with Outwar you may need to update your browser. There is a problem with Google Chrome version 64. You will need to update to 65 and all the issues will be fixed.

How to update Google Chrome

3/10/18 - Speed Dungeon (Scally):
Jedin Knoot is offering a new way to obtain the Scally set at a much more efficient rate. Speak with him in the Reel Theater, hand over your maps along with a Sack of Gems and he will hand you a set of gear on the spot!

3/2/18 - Throne of Sorcery & Other Updates:
Lvl 75+: A new Augment Dungeon has been released just East of the entrance to Winteros. Allakor, the Sorcerer Prince has escaped the lands of Winteros and has built a throne room to protect him and his allies. This dungeon contains 3-man raids, however there is also a way to obtain augments via a solo method.

For solo adventurers wanting a quicker, easier way of obtaining the new augments, you can purchase a Cube of Sorcery from the treasury and activate it to obtain one of four new augments. Using this method however will result in a 30% reduced chance to receive rarer augments.

Speak to Willix and present him with a Scroll of Sorcery to begin your crew's assault on the Throne of Sorcery. By participating in the 3-man dungeon as opposed to opening Cubes, you will have a 30% increased chance to obtain rarer augments, aswell as a chance for each of the three raids to drop the Augment of the Throne Conqueror.

Other Updates
Added a hoverover to display Server Boss loot for the Items Received column. This will work on bosses killed after this news post.

Changed the captchas on Guardian raids.

Main header images changed.

Menu changes.
- Made rankings its own menu tab. More rankings to come in the future.
- My Account renamed to My RGA. (Rampid Gaming Account)
- Character Home renamed to Home.
- Members renamed to Character.
- Logout button has moved into the Characters tab.
- Collections has moved into the Characters tab.
- Underlings has moved into the Characters tab.
- Explore World renamed to World.

Changes to the Dungeons page will be coming soon.

2/23/18 - Blacksmith & Item Rarities Changes:
- Confirmation dialog added to ungemming of an item.
- Removed the Prestige option.
- Added a De-Aug option to destroy all augs in an item.
- Gem price changes.
- Clone price changes will come at a later date.

Item Rarities:
We have updated a large number of item rarities, primarily from Sovereign and above in power. To check the new gem costs for items you have with changed rarities, head to the Blacksmith page.

2/23/18 - New Stat - Overkill:
A new stat has been added as an extension of the Critical Hit stat called Overkill. This new stat takes any crit past 100% and converts it into increased base damage for that attack. This stat scales slower as your crit % increases.

For example:
100% Crit = 100% crit chance / 0% Overkill
200% Crit = 100% crit chance / 5.5% Overkill
400% Crit = 100% crit chance / 11.5% Overkill
600% Crit = 100% crit chance / 14.7% Overkill

You can track your Overkill % on the Home page.