God Status

Mob Last Killed By Killed in
Ag Nabak the Abomination -Misfitz- 00:00:08
Akkel the Enflamed Warrior [The Following] AstralA 00:00:05
Amalgamated Apparition [C] Ass Troll 00:00:06
Ancient Magus Tarkin [The Following] AstralB 00:00:06
Balerion, Dragon of Dread Deranged 00:00:07
Banok, Demon of Insanity The Untouchables 00:00:08
Baron Mu, Dark Rider of the Undead Relentless Assault 00:01:15
Bloodchill the Grizzly -Misfitz- 00:00:08
Crane .:Irish Mafia:. 00:00:08
Ebliss, Fallen Angel of Despair Crimson Raiders 00:00:19
Envar, Demon of Lunacy Deranged 00:00:05
Esquin, the Kinetic Master Maroder 00:00:05
Freezebreed, The Frozen Manipulator Rrchangels 00:06:24
Ganja the Stone Golem Collective 00:00:07
Garland, The Lord Keeper Crowd Control 00:00:25
Gnorb ~ Ice Queens Castle ~ 00:00:13
Gorganus of the Wood Death Dimension 00:00:06
Hackerphage, Protector of the Gateway Relentless Assault 00:00:56
Howldroid, Tormentor of the Pit Alistair of Hermes 00:01:01
Jorun the Blazing Swordsman Rrchangels 00:00:08
Kretok, Descendant of Nature Aqua Teen Hunger Force 00:00:04
Lacuste of the Swarm The Untouchables 00:00:06
Lady Ariella New Sanctuary 00:00:15
Lord Varan Fire and Fury 00:00:11
Lord Xordam -Misfitz- 00:00:09
Melt Bane, The Forbidden Demon Dragon Rrchangels 00:00:12
Murderface -Misfitz- 00:00:21
Nafir, God of Desolation Relentless Assault 00:00:06
Nar Zhul, Slayer of All Relentless Assault 00:00:13
Numerocure, The Black Messenger of Evil Alistair of Hermes 00:00:44
Old World Drake Studio Moxxi 00:00:21
Pinosis ~ Ice Queens Castle ~ 00:00:15
Q-SEC Commander Death Dimension 00:00:07
Quiver, The Renegade -Misfitz- 00:00:26
Raiyar, the Shadow Master The Untouchables 00:00:05
Rezun, Demon of Madness Deranged 00:00:10
Rillax, Twin of Wisdom Rrchangels 00:00:05
Sarcrina the Astral Priestess Rrchangels 00:00:06
Sigil, Lich of Woe ~ Ice Queens Castle ~ 00:00:38
Skarthul the Avenged The Untouchables 00:00:04
Smoot the Yeti -Misfitz- 00:00:10
Straya, the Underworld Ruler ~ The Following ~ 00:00:06
Synge, The Red Dragon ~ White Sands Fortress ~ 00:01:13
The Emerald Assassin Relentless Assault 00:00:16
Threk, King of Lords Crowd Control 00:01:25
Tsort SAVAGE [ASTRAL2] 00:00:12
Villax, Twin of Strength Death Row 00:00:05
Viserion, the Necrodragon Relentless Assault 00:00:07
Vitkros, Hydra of the Deep The Gentlemen's club 00:00:33
Volgan the Living Ironbark [C] Ass Troll 00:00:07
Xynak, the Arcane Master Godly 00:00:09
Zikkir the Dark Archer [C] Ass Troll 00:00:06