God Status

Mob Last Killed By Killed in
Akkel the Enflamed Warrior [The Following] AstralB 00:00:07
Archdevil Yirkon Raid Family 00:00:07
Banok, Demon of Insanity Shadow Rebellion 00:00:10
Baron Mu, Dark Rider of the Undead Transcendence TC 01:28:30
Bloodchill the Grizzly Why??? 00:03:01
Detox ArmyOfOne 00:15:37
Dreg nor, Keeper of the Infernal Essence Crimson Raiders 00:01:39
Envar, Demon of Lunacy Relentless Assault 00:00:08
Esquin, the Kinetic Master Disciples Of Yasha 00:00:08
Felroc, Overseer of Hellfire Collective 00:00:07
Freezebreed, The Frozen Manipulator Transcendence TC 00:01:05
Ganja the Stone Golem Transcendence 00:01:06
Garland, The Lord Keeper Crimson Raiders 00:00:57
Great Lord Ganeshan Rat House 00:00:33
Jorun the Blazing Swordsman Singularity [A3] 00:00:05
Lady Chaos, Queen of the Abyss Diamond Visuals 00:19:36
Lord Narada Transcendence 00:00:28
Lord Suka Rat House 00:00:18
Lord Varan Rat House Raiders 00:00:10
Ormsul the Putrid Transcendence 00:00:08
Q-SEC Commander Transcendence 00:00:10
Raiyar, the Shadow Master Transcendence 00:00:06
Rezun, Demon of Madness Deranged 00:00:13
Rillax, Twin of Wisdom Deranged 00:00:11
Rotborn, Eater of the Dead Alistair of Hermes 00:00:42
Samatha Dark-Soul ArmyOfOne 00:15:51
Sarcrina the Astral Priestess -=World Domination=- 00:00:09
Skybrine The Inescapable Diamond Visuals 01:37:48
Synge, The Red Dragon ArmyOfOne 00:06:41
The Emerald Assassin Mythos 00:07:55
Tsort Crimson Raiders 00:00:45
Villax, Twin of Strength Deranged 00:00:06
Viserion, the Necrodragon Relentless Assault 00:00:06
Vitkros, Hydra of the Deep ArmyOfOne 00:06:37
Volgan the Living Ironbark [The Following] AstralA 00:00:10
Wanhiroeaz the Devourer Whiskas 00:17:29
Xynak, the Arcane Master Kame House 00:00:08
Zikkir the Dark Archer -=World Domination=- 00:00:06